Sizing High-Flow Tubes

  • Equalize IN and OUT flow areas to maximize flow rates.
  • We stock over 150 sizes of thin wall stainless tubing so flow can be maximized. See the available sizes here.
  • We build stepped and custom tubes to your specification. More information here.

To calculate equal IN/OUT flow areas:

Area (IN) = Area (OUT) =  Channel Diameter x .707


.437" dia. channel x  .707 = .309"

.309" is the diameter that splits the 7/16" water line into 2 equal parts

Test Data

  • For a 7/16" water line, the ideal tube O.D. and I.D. should be close to .309"
  • The HF312T with an O.D. of .312" and I.D. of .288" is close. (See a complete list of tubes here)
  • Larger or smaller tubes will restrict the inlet/outlet areas and reduce flow rates. (see test data below)

The tube that balances IN/OUT areas produces the most flow

4TW 0.238 0.208 4.41
HF312T 0.312 0.288 5.41
HF375T 0.365 0.34 4.38

* See a complete list of tubes here.

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